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—  Start —

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” C.S. Lewis

Conversations about everyday life, faith and relationships never go out of style. If you are someone, or some group, that wants to create space for those conversations to take place, then I want to offer you some help that I hope you will find very valuable. Below are three avenues that I want to encourage you to explore. These avenues along, with the blog and reflection videos, are opportunities for you to engage, grow and get started.

Avenue 1

—  Our Story  —

We began with a simple passion. More than anything in the world we wanted to help men and women who had started some kind of relationship with Jesus to take their first steps in that new lifestyle. We knew, and we still know, that that doesn't just happen. Most of us need someone to come alongside of us to help us understand and see what it means to have this relationship with Jesus. So we created Essential Conversations.

In short, Essential Conversations is a group experience designed for men and women who are starting or returning to a belief in Jesus Christ. This belief is that Jesus is the Son of God, and died for the things that they did wrong but after three days rose from the dead making it possible for them to have a relationship with God. This group meets eight times and discusses the most critical and necessary pieces for a new Christian to take their first steps in the faith. The eight gatherings are about 90 minutes each and usually conclude with a gathering around a meal to discuss how each person can take their next step with God.

After all, Christianity is a journey of a thousand steps, but Essential Conversations isn't interested in step six hundred and forty three, just step number one. With that in mind, we decided to focus only on what's essential. Essential doesn’t mean basic, it means necessary. For someone who is starting or returning to a relationship with Jesus Christ, there are essential issues that just can’t wait. Think about it this way. If you were about to jump out of a plane, there would be a lot of things that would be “good to know,” even things that would be helpful, but only a few things are essential. Make no mistake, starting a relationship with Jesus is a bigger deal than jumping out of an airplane. That’s why there are some necessary things that we need to say, hear and do at the beginning of this new relationship with God. That’s why in our conversations we purposefully skip some things that are important, basic or even helpful. Why? Because we are solely committed to one thing, what’s essential.

Along the way, we've become increasingly convinced that the best way to help one another wasn't through a video or a class or a lecture. Those all great, but we believe that the best way to help was through a conversation. After all, our world has become so saturated with books, news, updates and media to the point that most people have stopped listening and became great at ignoring. However, one thing hasn’t change. The need to understand and the desire to share. That’s why this group isn’t meant to be a class, but a conversation.


Avenue 2

The Second Avenue, for groups, to start a conversation is through bringing Jon on to your team as a consultant. We will work with you to improve your ability to connect with people and help them to take their next step. This is a process that requires a lot of time, freedom, humility and grace as to dive deep and consider the question of how can Christians genuinely help others to move towards Jesus and one another. Unlike most Church consulting this is not attempt to make money. In fact, there zero financial strings attached. Instead, this is an authentic opportunity to offer help. Jon holds a degree in Pastoral Studies form Moody Bible Institute and has served as a pastor in small, medium and very large Christian Organizations. Please bear in mind, we don't accept every request for consulting, but would love to talk with you further.


Avenue 3

My mentor, Michael Anthony the Founder of Godfactor, used to say tell me that, "It often takes fire to start a fire." If you're interested in igniting a passion in the lives of people in your group or church, invite Jon to come and speak. Jon bring a unique conversational style of speaking to the stage and by God's grace will help inspire your people to take their next step in walking with Him and engaging others with the story of what God has done. Jon has been spoken at colleges, church, campus groups and student gatherings in a variety of settings. Please bear in mind, there are no financial strings attached, we don't accept every request for speaking, but would love to talk with you further.

Email us through the link below to find out more information and share with us your thoughts.