With Jon Vallier


Leader's Corner


Out of every option available at startaconversation.org, I am most excited for your choice to lead an Essential Conversations group. I have personally seen the life change that can result from this group experience. Whether you are a leader in a church or just a willing man or woman who believes in helping others take their next step, we offer this resource, the participant guide, promo video and weekly reflection as tools for you to utilize. In addition, you can seek out me (Jon Vallier) for coaching or speaking opportunities. We want to help you successfully lead men and women who have recently started a relationship with Jesus or have come back to the faith after years of being gone, begin to mature in their understanding and obedience to Jesus. 

Providing these resources for free wasn't easy, but it was on my heart to give this away in hopes of making it possible for you to get involved without a financial burden. As you check out, you only need to fill in your name, email, and address. SquareSpace requires us to have credit card information on the form, but please leave that part blank.